It's as if you're trapped on an amusement park ride that you hate, riding the same predictable, unpleasant rollercoaster over and over again.

You want to get off, and you've definitely tried, but you're stuck, unable to have the control you feel you should have.

You look around and it seems like other people must know a secret that you don't...they seem happy with themselves and in their relationships, able to connect with friends and partners in a way that doesn't leave them feeling frustrated, lonely and unfulfilled

You wonder "what's wrong with me that I struggle so much? Why can't I just be happy?"

You beat yourself up and continue to try, but you're exhausted...worn thin from anxiety that takes over your brain, hopelessness that drains your motivation, or painful relationships where the hurt far outweighs the joy.

The truth is, you don't need a pill, a homework assignment, a mantra or even a quick fix, although these would make things more bearable. What you really need is to dive deeper, to understand why you keep feeling this way. You are ready to get to the core of finally get out of the cycles that keep you stuck.

I have great news for you:

Counseling Can Help! 

The truth is, you are more than capable of handling your emotions differently, so that they no longer control you and stop ruining your life.

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Hi, my name is Laura.

I'm a therapist who helps people to stop viewing their emotions and moods as the enemy, opening the door for more peace and joy in their lives. 

I specialize in helping people who feel stuck and paralyzed by their emotions and moods to learn how to respond to these experiences in a way that creates space for the happiness they desire. I have seen numerous people go through this process and discover that their emotions are not enemies to be avoided, but useful tools for improving overall health and well-being. 

If you're overwhelmed by anxiety and stress, weighed down by depression, held captive by your past, or unhappy in your marriage, I would love to talk with you about how counseling can help. 

Click the button below for a free 15-minute phone consultation, and take the first step toward experiencing more peace and joy in your life.


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