You long to feel at peace, able to enjoy all that life has to offer, but…

anxiety won’t let you. It sucks the life out of each day, demanding your constant attention, and the more you try to get it under control, the worse it gets. You feel lonely, isolated and hopeless, and you just want to feel normal like everyone else does. 

emotional pain is your close companion. As much as you long to forget the wounds you have suffered from others, it’s really the opposite and this pain is never far from your mind. It weighs you down, like walking around with a backpack full of heavy rocks. 

You’ve tried everything you can think of to feel better, but nothing sticks.

Sometimes it’s felt like you’ve finally gained control of your emotions and you’ve started to feel hopeful, but the pain and anxiety always return, sucking you back into familiar patterns that ruin any hope of the happy life you envision but can’t seem to reach. 

The truth is, feeling better is well within your reach. You can learn how to respond to anxiety and emotional pain in new ways so that these feelings don’t dominate your life. As you experience this new way of dealing with your distressing emotions, you’ll stop feeling controlled by them. And when you stop living in fear of these unwanted emotions, you are free to care for your soul in new ways, bringing more joy, peace and freedom into your life.

So, are you ready to break free from pain and fear?

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I’m Laura, and I help people who feel imprisoned by fear and pain to experience newfound joy and freedom through connecting with these powerful feelings in new ways. Through seeing these emotions as hurting parts of our souls, instead of as prison guards holding us captive, we can attend to them in healing ways, resolving fear and pain and freeing up space for peace and joy. 

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