Help With Overwhelming Emotions

Feelings are not endless, but our numbing attempts to avoid them can last a lifetime.” - Terry Real

Let’s dream for a minute: if you could wave a magic wand and the weight of your overwhelming and unwanted emotions suddenly evaporated, what would you do with your newfound freedom? Maybe you would be able to reach out to others to form deeper and more lasting relationships, or to find that one special person to do life with. Maybe you’d finally be able to pursue the dreams you’ve always held in your heart but felt too afraid to follow. Maybe you’d be able to experience more joy, happiness and gratitude in your daily life, or to start taking care of and valuing yourself.

You see, it’s a big deal when our overwhelming emotions control us - we end up missing out on so much of life because of the energy that is spent trying to carry a heavy emotional burden. Although you might feel hopeless and stuck in this reality, you don’t have to stay there. I can help you to learn how to care for your emotional pain so that it no longer takes up so much of your energy and I can help you learn how to move forward into a new reality of more peace and freedom. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, click below to schedule your 15-minute free phone consultation and take the first step toward a more joy-filled life.