Stress, Anxiety and OCD

Stress, anxiety, and the fear that underlies these unpleasant emotional states all have one thing in common: control.

It is our desire to be and feel in control of various aspects of our lives and minds that creates anxiety, stress and fear, and ironically, the more that we try to gain this control, the more out-of-control we feel, and the more we are controlled by these powerful emotions.

Being controlled by fear feels terrible. It takes over your mind, preoccupying your thoughts so that you can’t think of much else. It tinges everything in your daily experience with an underlying sense of dread, and it is so hard to live this way!

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a more specific form of anxiety, but its roots are the same: control, or lack thereof. Intrusive thoughts relentlessly plague your mind, and the more that you try to get them under control, the more out-of-control and anxious you become.

It is possible to break free from fear’s control, and it involves learning how to let go. If you’re in the midst of anxiety, this might sound impossible, but I speak from personal experience to tell you that it isn’t. If you are tired of being controlled by fear and ready to take the first step toward relinquishing fear’s control over you, give me a call.