Meet Laura

Hi, I'm Laura. I became a therapist because I have a passion for walking with people through life's difficulties. It has been my privilege to work in this capacity with kids, teens, adults, couples and families for the past 11 years and I love it! I believe that all of us can benefit from joining with a compassionate support person to gain insight and awareness into challenges that we haven’t been able to figure out on our own. I also know that seeking out therapy can be scary, intimidating and embarrassing...I felt that way myself before seeking therapy for anxiety when I was in college. Much to my surprise (and relief), I found therapy to be such a supportive, encouraging and uplifting place for me to be myself and find hope and healing from the anxiety that had plagued me since childhood. And this is what I strive to offer my clients - a safe and compassionate place to heal from personal struggles and/or relationship difficulties that persist in robbing them of peace and joy on a daily basis.

When I'm not seeing clients, I love spending time with my husband and one-year-old son, being active outside, and reading thought-provoking spiritual books.


I have spent the past 11 years working with children, teens, adults, parents and families to address a wide variety of challenges and concerns. A bulk of my experience has been in agency settings, including a non-profit counseling center funded by Catholic Charities, a school-based counseling center, and a local nonprofit dedicated to supporting Santa Cruz County's neediest children and families through various different crises. I've had the chance to help people of all ages learn to cope with various traumatic experiences and/or emotional struggles, and over the course of my experience I have learned that I have a passion for working with adults and couples, primarily with people who are really ready to dig deep and get to the bottom of what is bothering them. I also enjoy working with older teens and their families to teach coping skills and improve family relationships.


I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (License #79083). You can verify my license here: (enter first name Laura and last name Jenkins Kurek in order to verify my license).

Masters of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy, Western Seminary, Sacramento campus

Bachelor of Arts in International Relations, University of California at Davis


Member of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

Certified Prepare Enrich Facilitator