I am passionate about helping people to restore joy to their lives by improving their relationships with themselves and with each other.

This passion is the focus of my work. Here are some more specific ways that this passion plays itself out in my practice:

I help people to heal internally. 

Unprocessed trauma, anxiety, depression and stress can all have a negative impact on well-being and relationships. I help people to address these internal issues so that they can live more authentic, joy-filled lives. To learn more about the specific services that I offer, click the links below:

Heal from your past.

Conquer depression.

Break free from anxiety, stress and fear.


I help couples to improve their relationships.

Relationship with a significant other, whether dating, engaged or married, are some of the most impactful human relationships in our lives, and often bring the most joy and the most challenge. I love helping couples to grow closer through understanding their differences, learning healthy conflict strategies, and improving communication. Click the links below to learn more about the services I offer to couples:

Improve your marriage.

Assess your relationship using Prepare/Enrich.


I help families to grow closer.

A strong family system can work wonders in helping teens to weather the multitude of challenges facing today's youth. Thus, in my work with teens and young adults, I focus on providing support to the whole family as we work together to address the specific issues your teen or young adult is facing. Click the link below to learn more about the specific support services that I offer to families:

Help our family.

I also specialize in providing faith-based counseling services in all of the above-listed areas. To learn more about my faith-based counseling services, please click here.