Overwhelming anxiety.....Sleepless nights.....Nightmares.....Depression.....Detachment from feelings, from reality or from your body.....Dysfunctional relationship patterns.....Suicidal thoughts.....Self-harming behaviors.....Panic attacks.....Fits of rage.....Disturbing memories and flashbacks.....

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms? If so, you may be struggling to cope with the ongoing impact of trauma in your life. Exposure to trauma, whether on a one-time basis or through chronic traumatic events, can be so debilitating. It can make it difficult for you to function at school, at work and in your relationships.

It leaves you wondering whether you will ever be able to feel "normal", and yet powerless to overcome the recurring symptoms that make you miserable.

The good news is,

healing from your past is definitely possible...and very doable!

I help you to heal from trauma through providing a supportive environment that allows you to process through past memories, and associated thoughts and feelings, at your own pace. I teach skills that you can use to relax your body when you begin to feel overwhelmed and I help you to move from feeling like a victim to embracing your status as a survivor.

If you are struggling to cope with trauma-related symptoms, it is so important for you to get help. Research shows that unprocessed traumatic events can have negative repercussions in many different areas of a person's life, and can also negatively impact loved ones across generations. Please give me a call to get started with your healing process.