Are you tormented by your thoughts? Does your mind feel like your worst enemy? Do you engage in repetitive behaviors to reduce your anxiety? If you experience anxiety related to persistent thoughts, images or urges that feel intrusive and disturbing, you may be suffering from a specific form of anxiety called Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

People who suffer from this form of anxiety often feel crazy. Some people describe feeling as if their brain is stuck on repeat, much like a record needle getting stuck on a scratch and playing the same phrase over and over again. They are usually aware that their thoughts are illogical but this awareness does nothing to alleviate the anxiety they feel in response to these persistent thoughts. These types of thoughts are called obsessions.  People have all different types of obsessions, but common themes include cleaning (fear of germs, disease, etc), symmetry (obsessing about order, checking, etc) , forbidden or taboo thoughts (typically aggressive, sexual or religious in nature) , and harm (fear of committing a violent act against oneself or others). Some people develop compulsions in order to manage the anxiety caused by obsessions. For example, a person with a fear of germs may feel the urge to wash their hands multiple times, or a person obsessing about order may need to lock or check the door multiple times before leaving the house. Other people do not develop compulsive behaviors but repeatedly "check" their thoughts out of fear that their violent, aggressive or sexual thoughts mean that they actually want to act on these thoughts. 

If you are struggling with this type of anxiety, please give me a call. I myself have struggled with OCD over the years, so I know firsthand how upsetting and embarrassing it can be. I also know that it is possible to feel better. I would love to help you break free from the mental prison that is OCD.